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The best organic salon in Kansai.
After serious consideration of body and beauty, Our Shop chose to offer organic coloring that is gentle on the scalp and hair and a system treatment that improves hair quality.

Based on counseling, we can solve your hair problems.
We also exhibit and sell domestic and foreign hair care products inside the store.
If you find the item you want, please let us know so that you can not only pick it up but also experience it.


Careful counseling and delicate cutting techniques that stick to 1mm units.
Unleash the charm of your hair.
Please take a look at the style that has been upgraded to the poster.
We look forward to your follow-up visit.💐


Elegant hair color while giving moisture and gloss.
Comfortably authentic "Hair quality improvement"
with the technologies developed over 10 years at a specialized organic store and carefully selected organic products with little odor and stimulation.
"I want to keep my hair beautiful forever." A must-see for adult women.


Hair Cut

Design CutShampoo/Blow ¥ 4,400
School CutShampoo/Blow ¥ 3,300
Kids' Cut ¥ 2,200
Front Cut ¥ 1,100

Hair Collar

Organic Retouch Collar ¥ 6,600
Organic Full Color ¥ 8,250
Organic Full Color "long hair" ¥ 9,350
bleach Color ¥ 9,350
Accent Color ¥ 1,100
3D Design Color ¥ 4,400
Full 3D Design Color ¥ 8,250

Parma Hair

Organic Point Perm ¥ 6,600
Organic Natural Perm ¥ 8,250
Twist Perm ¥ 9,350
Damage-less Digital Perm ¥ 13,200

Hair Straightening

Organic Straight Perm ¥ 8,800
Point Curling ¥ 6,600
Hair Straightening Retouching ¥ 13,200
Hair Straightening Full ¥ 15,400
Damage-less Stokal ¥ 17,600


Organic Treatment ¥ 2,200
System TOKIO Treatment ¥ 4,400
Treatment to イmprove Hair Quality ¥ 17,600

Head Spa

Head Spa ¥ 3,300
Spa Treatment ¥ 6,600


Shampoo Blow ¥ 2,200
Only Shampoo Blow ¥ 3,300
Hair Sets ¥ 3,300
Full Hair Sets ¥ 5,500